Trolley stealing…

Have you ever found yourself at the till putting your shopping on the conveyor belt and find there are items you never put in your trolley??

Well, after a long and productive day, I was rushing to quickly get some shopping in, with my husband waiting in the car, when I must have swapped my trolley for someone else’s!

So, instead of a noodle salad and some coconut treats, I am now the proud owner of some fresh strawberries and a green salad…

The cashier and I had a good giggle together, am now hoping the other person whose trolley I nicked saw the funny side in it too. 😀

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2 Responses to Trolley stealing…

  1. phoebe says:

    I’ve never got as far as the conveyor belt; but totaly understand tis situation 🙂 Are you feeling slimmer yet? 🙂

    • gunked says:

      The embarrassment I felt was only equal to the time I left my money at home… And yes, I am 22pounds lighter already 😀

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