Rescue Pony

I can’t quite believe it, but I have owned a gorgeous little rescue pony for 5 months now!! He’s the hairiest, cutest, cheekiest little fluff ball ever, and I am loving being a horsey mum.

DSC07790 (2)

My imagination went a bit flat when it came to choosing his name, so I went with the only link to his hairiness and have called him Bilbo. Plus, he is tiny! 11.3 1/2 hh when I got him, now standing at 12 1/2hh.

When he arrived, he was lethargic, terribly underweight and dull eyed.

No comparison to the little fatty with a twinkle in his eye after gaining more than 70kg!!

Instead of fighting for his survival amongst 90 other starving horses, he now loves tucking into the grass with his new friends, roaming acres of pasture come rain or shine.

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