Weekend fun

Loved Loved Loved this weekend!!! 😀

It all started with a hack on the most gorgeous Shire horse in the whole wide world, nannying a jumpy TB called BenTen. I mean, what could ever be better than a ride out on one of the hugest horses there is with the loveliest nature and having some cuddles on the way!!

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After despatching said creature on his field, surrounded by buttercups, and a little rest it was time to leave to do what lunching ladies do (apparently). Off to Heaven Farm where the sun actually broke through the clouds, and I was able to sit outside with my friend. It was lovely to catch up with her and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

When I arrived back home, I was greeted with an invitation for a meal at another friend’s place for that very evening. And as my better half had passed an important and difficult exam, we took a bottle of prosecco with us which immediately broke the ice. Such a lovely evening chatting with friends combined with good food and a good catch up!

The following day, a Saturday, was the laziest morning in a long time, and despite a few spots of house work, I managed to read nearly 400 pages of yet another David Baldacci book. They really are just un-put-down-able. At 3pm it was FINALLY time to put on some finery, and off we went to swanky Lingfield Racecourse to watch not only the usual races but the first Shire horse race in the UK!


The Shire horses were being paraded just like normal race horses prior to the race but apart from one of them, they were all extremely laid back, and the professional jump jockeys just enjoyed the whole experience, joking with the public and patting their horses. The race itself was only two furlongs, and it was absolute stunning to see these powerful giants thunder past us!

I would definitely describe the races after this as entertaining but nowhere near as exciting as seeing my favourite type of horses gallop past. Especially as one of the contenders was the father of “my” beloved Morpheus. Ddrydwy Drayhorse Ace of Spades, aka Ace just looked resplendent!!!

Ace just before the race on the parade ring

Ace just before the race on the parade ring

After seven races, the evening was rounded off at a lovely Italian restaurant in East Grinstead, and we were home by 22.30h.

The next day, the celebrations continued at church where three people were baptised!! Their testimonies were absolutely amazing, and then two people gave their lives to Jesus after the sermon. A shame really that we had to rush off directly after the service. But as it was father’s day, we went to prepare a salad and a fruity dessert towards the buffet at the in-law’s place.

Unfortunately, the arrival of the others was somewhat delayed which we made up by opening the wine. Which meant the afternoon was a lovely one! 😀

All in all, a fabulously eventful and amazing weekend with so much fun I will be needing a rest at work this week!

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