Anniversary Antics

Well, this wedding anniversary was definitely a memorable one! My better half and I got married 11 years ago, and instead of celebrating what others perceive to be a long term marriage, we rested most of the day and went out with the street pastors in the evening.

Our church was so impressed, we even got applauded! If they knew…

What had actually happened was me being terribly unorganised and forgetting to check dates in an actual calendar before agreeing to be put on the rota for patrolling the streets of East Grinstead. Once we were on said timetable and saw how many people from our team were away that weekend, we didn’t have the heart to disappoint our dear leader and therefore didn’t pull out like any other sensible person might have done.

On top of this, the gorgeous summer weather of previously around 25-28 degrees and lovely sunshine turned on its head that very afternoon, and especially Andrew got soaked to the skin during his stint. I was a little luckier and was able to chat to more people as the rain eased off after 10pm.

To make up for our missed opportunity to celebrate, Andrew took me to the swanky Haxted Mill on Sunday which totally lived up to very high expectations. The food was divine, and – to quote one of my fridge magnets – there wasn’t a calory in sight which I didn’t enjoy. The setting by the river where dragonflies and wagtails hovered and bathed was stunningly beautiful and the old mill with its pond provided a suitably romantic backdrop.

Anniversary Meal at Haxted Mill

Anniversary Meal at Haxted Mill

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