Well, SW works! So far, so good. What isn’t working, is me losing weight however. Although I can proudly announce to be nearly 2 st lighter than just over a year ago, I am stuck!

Having already received the 2st certificate before Christmas, I find myself somewhat disheartened at the fact that I seem to have been plateau-ing around the same weight ever since.

First and foremost I am obviously incredibly relieved about not carrying nearly 100kg around with me any longer. At my sister’s wedding two weeks ago, I had been hoping to show off the new me and had bought a sexy red dress for the occasion, giggling at my other sister’s efforts to find the perfect outfit for the occasion. Can you imagine my absolute horror when I proudly slipped into said red dress and it turned out 1/2 st less hadn’t made it any better fitting whatsoever?! In full panic mode I threw 5-6 dresses into the suitcase and asked my slimline sisters for advice once I got to my home town.


Suffice it to say,  I looked like a sausage in its skin, albeit a flowery pink kind of sausage. My self-esteem hit rock bottom and I haven’t recovered from that yet.

Onwards and upwards, you say?? My way of consoling myself seems to be to stuff my face at every opportunity again. I feel the situation is so frustrating in fact that I am resorting to wearing size 16 clothes against all better judgement to see whether their tightness is going to help me try and shrink into them somehow…

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