How many “sins” have you had then?! – Enter the mysterious world of slimming…

Well, it should be “sins” with a y, but listening to the people in the so-called therapy session sounded very much as if they were confessing some rather nasty habits. And nasty habits they were: eating crisps!, drinking bottles and bottles of alcohol, indulging in chunks of cheese… Then the awards and badges were given out as some people had reached some targets and lost stones and stones of weight. Every OUNCE lost got a round of applause!
I am obviously talking about my first session at Slimming World.slimming-world And after 2 entire hours of going through dieting strategies, I am still unsure whether it was the right move to join without test-driving first. But the positive approach and very friendly atmosphere is beginning to convince me. Especially after that last attempt to mount a horse, described in detail in my previous post, resulting in me hurting the poor animal’s private parts…possible

Ok, so here it goes, these are my goals:

* I want to lose weight. (no kidding)
* I want to be able to mount a horse from a lower mounting block again, without making myself the laughing stock in front of everyone around.
* I want to see my butt shrink. (seriously, it only looks tiny in my rather slimline mirror which sort of trims the image at the edges)
* I want to feel proud of myself at the end of the day.
* I want to feel less exhausted.
The first step in the right direction is to read the booklets or so I am told, and apparently I will even be quizzed about them in a couple of days time. An exam in slimmming??? All in the name of motivation, I believe…

Well then, care to join me on my journey down from a 100kg?


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