Typical D&T

Now, after reading other things about the teacher from hell, I have to try and redeem her in at least a few ways.

DT lessons were always extremely fun and fabulously creative. The fact, that she hardly ever had all materials prepared before starting a lesson never seemed to curb her enthusiasm. Well, it was the TA who had to take the brunt of spontaneous projects which required huge amounts of searching for weird and wonderful ingredients from all ends of the school including a seriously cluttered little cupboard at the back of the classroom which we had dubbed the black hole. It just swallows stuff. Brilliant teaching materials which could make lessons interesting and tactile if, yes, IF someone remembered they were in there lurk underneath years worth of preparation, classroom supplies and other curiosities. Over the course of the last few months, I only ever entered said hole in absolute emergencies or to grab something which was balancing precariously on top of other things and was therefore within reach from the door.

Back to those DT projects: I have seen rockets being made from recycling rubbish, crazy bird creations a la Dr Seuss, aboriginal shelters made from garden cuttings, gilt Victorian picture frames with black and white pictures of the children from our Victorian day out and beautiful stained glass window frames made from thick paper with colourful tissue paper patterns. Especially the last two had the potential to be a hit in any art exhibition.

Does this and this teacher’s brilliant PE lessons make up for always unprepared literacy lessons and forgotten maths plans? For shouting at the children because of anxiety over not knowing what comes next? I am not so sure to be honest.

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