The biggest misfortune at the ROH

What do you expect when you are heading to the opera, a Royal one at that???
Well, burning kebab vans, aging opera stars being airlifted off the stage as well as a lot of doooooooom and very badly rhymed platitudes together with rather random streetdance were not necessarily amongst the things I had been anticipating…
I had been hoping to be moved in some way but found that I was shaking with laughter at the sheer naffness of the libretto. The dull music didn’t evoke any emotions except annoyance. And I love new music! On the positive, the singing was lovely when it wasn’t overshadowed by unnecessary visual effects – beautiful voices!
I can honestly say I had a fab night out with friends, giggling at the horrendous staging of “Miss Fortune” at Covent Garden. Thank goodness I had been invited and therefore didn’t need to pay for my ticket… 😀

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