So much for having a career…

So, it is finally official: There is no way in hell I can ever be a teacher! All I have ever worked towards and coveted as a career is something gone down the drain!

I am left reeling and wondering what I could have done differently that it came to this. First, I made the decision to break up my studies in Germany and move to the UK instead. Everyone was congratulating and encouraging me on my newly found love whom I was willing to follow to the end of the earth. What it meant career wise is basically that I now only hold a measly bachelor’s degree when my German teacher studies would have amounted to the equivalent of three masters! Unfortunately, I only found this out years after deciding to trade.

The schools I worked at in West Sussex liked so much what they saw that they offered to train me in the highly esteemed Graduate Teacher Programme which I passed and thoroughly enjoyed. Much to my misfortune, most schools changed their offered languages from German and French to Spanish and French around the same time, however, which – as I am a German specialist – meant I was out of a job before even completing the induction year as a Newly Qualified Teacher. I did two temporary stints in an attempt to scrounge the required three terms for this together, but to not much avail. I was only awarded one of these terms towards the induction year and was left hanging without a job again.

My move from secondary to primary school meant I had a lot of fun and experience wise I have gained so much with regards to Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Speech Delay, Behavioural Issues, Emotional Barriers, etc. But it is still leaving me in the lurch when it comes to becoming a primary school teacher.

Since my GTP year in 2005, the five years to complete the induction year are quite obviously long overrun, and I am wondering where that is going to leave me. I have looked into caring and fostering. Both things I would enjoy greatly but also both things which my better half rejects as career move because it comes with a lot of uncertainty due to being self employed. Since we can’t have children of our own, I am feeling somewhat hard done by.

Am I damned to be bossed around by teachers until the end of my days? Am I going to go into a completely different area? Shall I try and redo the entire teacher training process?

Well, we’ll see where doors are going to open. I am just hoping they will open sooner rather than later.

Update only a day later:

After calling the teaching agency, it turns out I can still complete my induction year!! I am so relieved and now just need to find a school which will take me on.

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