Well, let’s just say my sisters have a point. In their opinion, our family suffers from genetically transferred clumsiness. And I don’t just mean the bump-your-shoulder-on-the-door-frame kind.

To elaborate, here the newest example of unplanned-for hilarity amongst my siblings and closer friends: On Tuesday, I went to see a teaching agency where I presented myself, my skills and general professional attitude rather well. Or so I thought! Making use of the fact that I had had to go to Tunbridge Wells for this, I couldn’t resist popping in to some  shops where – to my utter horror – I realised that my beautiful new blazer was still sporting its price tag which I had made sure was dangling on the outside. My plan had obviously been to cut the little blighter off before leaving the house but equally as obviously had forgotten all about it in the whole morning’s excitement.

Needless to say I was ushered out without being offered contact details or a photocopy of the underwritten contract. I am not expecting the agency to make use of me any time soon after this little beauty of a stunt…

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