Mucked that one right up!

I did it! I finally found a job that will take me away from the teacher from hell! Huge celebrations ensued, the creation of Champagne Friday emerged, meals were had, etc.

So far, so good.

Then the facts sank in. Instead of chaotic and unprepared “teaching”, demands to read someone else’s mind and severe grumps when done unsuccessfully, I will be handling poo!

And somehow that trumps everything. In the most negative sense of the word.

Because, I would be working with the age group I always wanted to work with, the school is much nearer to home than my current one. Obviously the teacher is still an unknown and I could get out of the frying pan into the fire. Who knows…

And this is why I am stuck.

My current job enables me to have a day off per week, a fact that I relish. And the difficult child that makes school awful a lot of days will be moving up to another class.

The new job, however, would be more hours but pays less due to a much lower pay grade. And the child I’d be responsible for is still in nappies. Both very strong negatives.

But do they outweigh the rest??

When I think about where God would want me, the dilemma doesn’t stop. The old job is a great sowing ground, I wouldn’t be running away from problems. I might even learn at some point to show my teacher some grace. The new job could be something God might want me to take up, he got me through the interviewing process after all and gave me favour with the people at that school.

Conclusion: I am just simply stuck and will have to make a decision and then just trust that God will be with me wherever I go.

UPDATE: Today, my teacher left me to do lots of jobs for her in the classroom while she and the class joined rehearsals for the play next week. After an hour, she comes over and points out how unhappy management are with me for not engaging with the students!, sporting an extremely smug face. I couldn’t quite believe my ears!

Well, after yet another nightmarish day, I am convinced. Maybe nappies aren’t so bad after all…

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