Hah, when you thought I had gone to beautiful Australia and visited Sydney, I’ll have to disappoint you!

Instead, I am inviting you to our otherwise rather wild garden. Haven’t done any gardening for, um, 6 or 7 years which Sydney finds just great. Right at this moment, he is sitting on the very verge of the bird bath and hanging precariously on for dear life. Ever since my husband moved the peanut feeder further away from any tray, Sydney has to perform rather stunning stunts to get to the nuts.

Have you guessed it? Sydney is our resident squirrel who not only empties most feeders at extortionate rate, defends his territory, i.e. our garden, the neighbours huge oak trees, our driveway and the garden fence beyond that, against any other squirrel that might have the audacity to even think about gorging themselves on his beloved nuts. He is also one of the biggest squirrels I have ever seen, or should it be “healthiest”? Wouldn’t want to hurt anyones feelings here.

Watching him flee from the playful cats is one of my favourite pastimes, especially as they are still kittens and don’t seem to know what to do with a squirrel. The way they cut off the squirrel’s retreat and always try to get between the rodent and its tree, jumping over now fallen garden furniture, onto the shed, then onto the fence is fascinating. I mean, who needs TV during those moments?!

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