Spring is in the air…….. (’nuff said!)

After my very successful riding lesson yesterday- it looks as if I am actually becoming a confident horse person at last! – I decided to up my amount of exercise and say hello to my loan horse which is lame at the moment and enjoys herself on a field behind two other fields. Huh, when I say enjoy I didn’t really know how much until yesterday!!
First, Genili decides her mates are far more entertaining than me. So I close in on her a bit. Just when I thought I had caught her attention, one of the other horses charges at me!! High on grass? Literally? I have read that horses can show somewhat mad behaviour when eating that very first and very fresh new grass in spring.
Then I notice this horse is well endowed and guess correctly that I was interrupting “some”thing… After jumping behind a big tree, I watched the proceedings: The gelding snorted a bit more, gnashed his teeth and flailed his hooves in my direction before going to back to, and here I start blushing, his harem of four big butts in the air, tails lifted, bums at the ready, squirting lubrication towards him. Those little tarts!
Suffice it say, stroking my horse and checking her hindleg was completely out of the question with that gelding around. Made me chuckle though…

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