Oh my word, I am buying a horse!

Or I think I am, at least. Not quite sure. It’s all going so fast.

When I replied to the ad, it was more a “I bet it’s sold, he’s such good value for money.” The next thing I knew was I was on my way to see the horse behind my husband’s back. Well, almost – I told him on that day’s morning.

And then it is the horse of my dreams – big, huntertype, bombproof thanks to police horse training, not too young any longer, and all of a sudden I am searching for a livery!

Just 3 days ago I was still trying to follow my mantra “Next year for your own birthday, next year – maybe!” and then it could already become reality RIGHT NOW! And although it is a dream come true, I can’t help thinking that it’s all going a bit fast.

Argh! What to do??

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