Monty Roberts in the Dark

On Friday, 17.February 2012, Monty Roberts, the Horse Whisperer came to the Royal Leisure Centre, Henfield, and I had a ticket!!! It was fascinating watching first Kelly Marks to do a join up and work with a horse and then to see the Master himself!!
Unfortunately, while Monty was just introducing his horse American Pie, the lights went out! For 2 hours, everyone sat in the dark. A quickly fetched generator provided 3 incredible bright spotlights which blinded everyone who thought they had got the best seats. All I saw of Monty was his silhouette against those lights. The general public who were only just being admitted had to wait incredibly long until ushers with torches lead them to empty seats, and in the end we only saw three of the four promised demonstrations.
Don’t get me wrong, what was shown was fascinating and informative but most of it was done in pitch black with those blinding lights. Credit to the people at the Royal Leisure Centre who took the village power cut in their stride. But as the tickets hadn’t been very cheap I still felt a bit disappointed…

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