Enter stage left: Megan the horse! :D

Wow, I can’t quite believe how it’s all turned out! After looking to buy a horse, searching high and low for cheaper stabling and getting my head into quite a frazzle over it all, I am finally in the very comfortable and lucky situation of loaning the most beautiful and laid back horse ever. And I haven’t stopped smiling since.


Megan, 15.1hh Clydesdale x Welsh D mare of 21 years is the perfect solution for all my wants at the moment. She teaches me to relax and enjoy life, and I am getting fit together with her in return. And the cost of previously just one lesson is now the equivalent of loaning Megs for a whole week, with unlimited riding!! I feel so very lucky!! 😀 Best of all, she is stabled within 15min from where I live.

In this week we have got to know each other a little already through grooming, bathing, a session in school and even two relaxed hacks out. She is such a star! Nothing fazes her, not even Mercedeses with built-in right-of-way, lorries driving like nutters around bendy country roads, barking dogs nor noisy tractors.

I am totally looking forward to a horsey summer with her, and although I do wish her owner a speedy recovery, long may this agreement continue 😀 😀 😀

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