Whether to spoon or not to spoon?!

My word, the Ounce & Ivy in East Grinstead is run down! Such a shame really, as we have been frequent customers for years.
Normally, it is a very pleasant pub with polite staff who clear up quickly and serve promptly.

Not this time.

My friend and I ordered 2 meals from a special menu and some drinks which totalled just over £12 and asked whether we could give the money separately but keep the order as one. The barman never said a word but started typing furiously into his till. Several minutes passed, nothing happened. As there was no other person serving, the queue behind us grew. After more than 5min we were asked to pay £9.25 and £6.75 – a total of £16! When I pointed this out, the rather confused looking duty manager started typing again, still not uttering a single word of apology or banter. A further few minutes passed, and in the end we were handed rather random amounts of change back of which we couldn’t make heads or tails… Adding up what had left our purses, however, it turned out we were charged the higher total after all!

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