Spaced out

Unexpectedly, our guests insisted on going to Camden on our trip into London yesterday. No outing to Camden would ever be complete without having been to the very crazy Cyberdog!! Despite my head already thumping against the raving beat, we probably spent an hour just gawping.
At the entrance, a security lady tried to sort incomers and leavers in certain directions while people were drawn to watch the outlandish objects underneath some writhing dancers on mini balconies while rubbing shoulders with borg-like sales assistants. Almost made me want to buy a bionic “implant” headset myself 😀 Down the escalators, you just don’t know where to look first: Recycled computerbits, LP shaped coasters, bubblewrap slouch bags, luminous pink plateau boots, T-shirts with the coolest designs and flashing effects or neon coloured “dresses” with cutouts in the most peculiar places?
Almost as fascinating as the manga-style sales girl was it to watch clientele over 60 years old trying to look cool… Personally, I just bought a tee with sparkly cyberdog logo in size 12 months for my niece, nothing out of the ordinary 😉

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