Diamond Jubilee

After a weekend filled with parties, parades, Royal Horse Shows, a fabulous concert and as per usual some most magnificent pomp and circumstance, I almost wish I was British! 😀

Patriotic Muffins

Patriotic Muffins

At school, we even taught the children the National Anthem which we sang as a whole school with parents just before the annual country dancing display. Supporting the almighty dragon-in-law during the local parade through town proved another very British experience which I totally enjoyed even although it meant missing the flotilla on the River Thames.

Watching “All the Queen’s Horses” made my evening on Sunday. It was so lovely to see Her Majesty’s face light up when the racehorses galopped in, and the way clips of her visits to other countries were interspersed into performances by groups of horses from all over the world was a joy to behold.

On Monday, friends invited us to a celebratory BBQ with very fitting decorations everywhere. We watched the BBC’s Jubilee Concert from around the Victoria Memorial in front of Buckingham Palace on TV – cringing at some rather old and faded stars like Sir Cliff Richard or Elton John but mostly enjoying the performances of many many stars like Tom Jones, Grace Jones, Kylie, etc.

Tuesday was spent in front of the telly again, and I am still gutted we didn’t go to London to see the Queen’s procession in her horse-drawn carriage and her appearance on the Balcony in person.

And I only just held my husband back from purchasing a jelly-mould in the shape of the Queen’s head… 😀

Now, life can return to normal, and we’re only hoping that Prince Philip recovers quickly from the strains of all the celebrations.

God save the Queen!! x
June 2012

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