Street Pastors IV

Yesterday evening, it was time to patrol the streets of East Grinstead again. After the team had gone out for 3 hours in heavy rain, seeking shelter wherever possible and only bumping into very few people, I had a little more than an hour joining the others while my better half stayed with the prayer pastors at the base. Luckily for me, the rain had eased off and people were back on the streets which meant interaction with them.

The banter with drunk people can be quite entertaining. Our team leader had her hand kissed by a guy whose party was taking place at the Dorset Arms when she said our job was to help people, whether damsels in distress or men worse for wear.

Not much later, a man thanked us for what we were doing, wishing he had had people watch over him when he was younger. Another lady enquired whether we had been sent by the people at Saint Hill Manor. It was good to dispel her worries we might be Scientologists. And two lads asked to be rescued, happily sucking the lollies we had given them. It made us and them chuckle that in that very moment we did have to move them off a driveway because a car was approaching.

All in all a rather quiet night out yet incredibly thrilling, I can’t wait to go out and walk the streets a little later soon as it still feels that we go home when all the action starts.

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