Street Pastors III

Our God is an amazing God! And we had an amazing evening thanks to him.

We received a message that the prayer pastors were short of someone manning the base for the latter half of the evening on Sat, 13.7.2013. Well, as we didn’t have much more planned than rest on that weekend anyway, we offered to jump in.

We not only met lovely new people – quirks, twitches, see through tops included, we are in Britain after all – but were privileged to pray for the most colourful characters ever. One man the team encountered on many occasions during the night had  made his way from Tunbridge Wells, about 13 miles from East Grinstead, in order to return borrowed money to churches. He had fallen on rough times financially and was now cycling all that way with as many stopovers at pubs as at vicarages to East Grinstead to pay back his debts. When one helpful person was trying to refuse to accept the money back, he argued he might want to borrow money again so could they please just accept his attempt at eliminating what he owed.

High St, East Grinstead

High St, East Grinstead

Another person, a lady who works at a betting shop, found that taxis were few and far between by the time she was trying to get home, so the team stood by her and watched over her until she safely found a cab.

In one of the shops, a muslim man was in the middle of celebrating Ramadan and hadn’t even drunk any water since before 4am. The team prayed for him as the weather was scorching today.

All in all, I am so happy we went that evening and were able to help the team. I am already looking forward to our next time out and about.

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