Street Pastors II

Wow, what an exciting night out!

On Saturday, 29. June 2013, my better half and I were on the rota for the first ever street pastor patrol around East Grinstead!! From 7-9pm, we walked on London Road, talking to door staff and general public, joined the Justice & Peace Group for their sleep out on the High Street in aid of their charity for homeless people. I most enjoyed surprising passersby by greeting them. Their faces were definitely worth the effort.

During the break from 9-9.30pm, we met with the prayer pastors at the base before Andrew went out with the team for the remainder of the evening.


East Grinstead Street Pastors

East Grinstead Street Pastors

One punter we had talked to at around 8pm had become a little worse for wear around 11pm. He was goading people into throwing the first punch at him, staggering in front of cars driving past. As one of them was a police van, one street pastor tried to pursuade the guy to just walk him, but he wasn’t having none of it. The situation was close to escalating as the police were having their eye on the guy, people were getting wound up, and still the bloke wasn’t willing to walk away.

Amazingly, as one street pastor was praying on the side into the situation, another one informing the prayer pastors who also prayed for the guy, a car horn sounded and the guy’s friend invited him to jump in. At the same time, his brother also turned up.

When God comes through, he comes through big time!

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