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Cat Games

I love playing with my cat!! Lately, I have found, though, that Toffee isn’t actually engaging very much with me and my supposed entertainment. I did everything the way we usually do it, which means for me to hide one … Continue reading

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My lovely cat is kind of a huge big wuss. Any noise scares her, even loud laughter, an action movie on the telly and especially the hoover. When everything is quiet, however, she loves to be entertained. It is not … Continue reading

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New Shores

The teacher I work with is imperfect. Shouldn’t be surprised, should I. How annoying to take the brunt of her unprepared lessons, though! How inconvenient to have to pick up the pieces! How tedious to put up with her moods! … Continue reading

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Raspberry and Carrots

My horse just makes me laugh!! On a windy day, he lets me traipse across 3 fields to try and catch him, then gallops past me and waits by the gate until I finally catch up with him, giving me … Continue reading

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You are useless!! You are so embarrassing! Goodness, can you not do anything right?? My God, you’re ugly! No wonder no one respects you, you are just not good enough!   Head spins, voices snarl, I heave a sigh. Shall … Continue reading

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